Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally...INDOOR PLUMBING.....

We have camped a couple of times since I last wrote anything and they have been fun times without the use of running water indoors. I must take the time right now to comment on the fact that I can't put any bold print or extremely odd fonts that I have used in the past, because they have seemed to have gone away. I am a total computer dummy that always has depended upon my extremely talented and gifted daughter "Tomara" to make my final product look good.....well I can't figure out all these details because all my settings seem to have gone away and I simply can't find anything. I do realize that this speaks volumes for my lack of computer knowledge. SOOOOO... back to what I was talking about.
Pat has gotten advice, tools, parts, and we have decided to do the repairs our self and save our self a huge $$$$$$$$ repair bill. These Airstream trailers are built so conservatively and everything runs underneath along the floor and you have to disassemble beds, toilets, just everything. We have three sizes of tubing, requiring three sizes of hose to replace, three different clamps and we have used two different sizes of copper pipe cutters. You have to try to reach into a 4 to 6 inch space to cut then patch with hose...install the clamps. Here is a word of advise if you ever undertake this kind of project....put the clamps on before you connect the hoses. This is such logical advice that it seems almost ridiculous to do anything otherwise, but I did it two of four repairs. NOTE... If you would like to hire me for repairs, I am diligent,BUT I work my the hour.
You need a very patient wife that is supportive of your endeavors and who will actually do most of the work. We would complete one repair, look over our work, pat ourselves on the back, then turn the water on and cuss because we find another leak more challenging than the last. Another trip to the plumbing store, more hose, more clamps, another type gizmo and another couple of stupid questions. Well, I'm sure you are as tired of hearing about this as I am about telling you, so I will just say we went through this process four times and we are now proud owners of an Airstream with INDOOR PLUMBING. We will be undertaking the propane someday and I'm real sure you have some good chuckles ahead.
I will say, we were real proud that we fixed it ourself and rewarded ourselves yesterday. I will not elaborate, just let your minds wonder. Our next camping trip is a Vintage Rally of Airstream owners with old units. Ours is nearly 40 years old so we qualify. This should be fun, we will be able to go to different forums about topics we need MUCH information about. We just hope we don't really dumb down the whole crowd. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about the next time we talk...So until then THIS is what he said, and see WHAT she said...if she ever says anything again...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mother Nature..Make Up Your Damn Mind

Well, it has been awhile since we last talked. We are the same couple, stumbling, fumbling along in the world of RV'ing and camping. It seems like if there are any mistakes that can possibly be made, we do them and EXCELL very well. If we are anything, we are consistant. Before, I go any further, I will tell you this fast saturday was our anniversary..26 years...been great years and I Love Pat to death. We seem to be getting more organized each trip, just manage to make new blunders. Pat made reservations and we had a great location, no incidenses, boom we are there and we unhook...the levelest spot we have ever had. We put down our mat, unload our brand new lounge chairs, even get Maggie the dog staked out, hook up the electricity, THEN BOOM....we hook up the water and nothing happens inside, faucets don't work, toliet don't flush....and water just started leaking out underneath, not inside in the floor thank god, just underneath. WELL, we turned the water off and did the bottled water thing all weekend. WELL, that wasn't too bad. We just acted lazy all day, gave our new recliners a good work out and tried our new alcohol beverage of choice. You would think at our age, we are not easily impressed by some new product....however the new drinks you find at the checkstand area in Walmart with the alcohol just freeze, squeeze, and boom a slushy strawberry marguaritta. I'll be the first to admit they definitely take the edge off your day. Saturday, we went into the town of Whitney...had a great anniversary meal at a restaurant I hadn't been to before, but Pat had. Very, very good food topped off with a ice cream shop across the which we probably made a new enjoyed some BLUE BELL!!!! It was a very nice day and we topped it off with some television. The weather was great, it got up to 90 and had cooled down and was a little breezy, so we put our canapy up and turned off the air and opened all the windows and fell into a deep comfortable sleep. YEAH RIGHT....the wind blew, the temperature dropped bigtime..and the next thing we knew it was in the 40's. We started closing windows, piling under covers and just trying to keep warm. OH, DID I MENTION..we still haven't gotten the propane checked out, so the heat wasn't an option. The poor people camping in tents were pouring out early all morning. We put on all the layers we could, but didn't have anything but shorts. I did have the sense the pack a light golf pullover and my TEXAS RANGER longjohn top. We got everything hooked up and got the heck out of Dodge. We made it home without incident, unhooked and then I had a do alittle work for my job getting ready to start a new week. We both bragged about how good Maggie was this weekend and how so well behaved she was. I went to work...Pat went shopping at Walmart and MAGGIE ate a whole loaf of bread. OH WELL...We had now you know WHAT HE SAID....SEE WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!