Wednesday, September 26, 2012


   Well, been awhile, we are still out there visiting parks, chillin... but we are pulling around a new rig. Well, I get ahead of myself, alot of water has gone under the bridge since I last communicated. Yes, I am using bigger words and able to stay up later and I guess I'll just say it...I RETIRED. I retired from Frito Lay two months ago and it has been a big adjustment. BIG ADJUSTMENT... It is kind of like learning to walk all over again. WELL, I guess that is kind of overstating it.
    I have gone to work at 3AM, five or six days a week for the last 30 years and now I get to sleep in. You say, that is great, hope you are enjoying it and what is the big deal. WELL..I used to go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 to get up at that early hour,so now I am staying up watching late night television and getting to bed around midnight or later, just so I can sleep later. It has worked to some degree, I usually sleep until 6:00 when my lady gets up for work, then just lay around until after 7:00. I failed to mention Pat hasn't retired yet, so most of the day I'm home alone, except for the pets, MAGGIE and SADIE.

    To be fair, I have taken over most of the household chores except for cooking. I really never learned to cook. My specialties are smoking on the grill and ordering take-out. You do realize there is a science to TAKE-OUT. You can mix it up and if the variety is enough, your spouse will actually forget that your doing nothing more than hiring someone to do your job.We generally do a night out on Friday for dinner and a movie. Hillsboro, where we live, is so movies...very few restaurants and those there are nearly all Mexican food, which is my favorite cuisine, however Pat's taste vary abit. Since there is nothing here, we can go 30 miles in any direction and have a major city with all it's entertainment and  The Big City Lights.........

     My chores include laundry, KP duties, keeping the 10 or 12 trash cans empty, not to mention cleaning the nasty kitty litter pan. I'm wondering out loud, if I feed Sadie little or no food at all will that make my litter box job easier. I wish I could win the lottery, then I would throw that damn box away daily...UNTIL THEN.....Oh, did I mention I have to make the bed everyday with its 8 to 10 throw pillows..just never have figured that one out.

      Well to our new Rig. To refresh your memory, we had a Vintage 1973 Airstream and just upgraded to a 1991 model but still an Airstream. HOWEVER...this one is way cooler with much nicer digs inside. It actually has plumbing that we don't have to repair all the time, doors on the bedroom and the bathroom. I don't know why we always worried about that because it was only Pat and I. Closet spaces are abundant, storage compartments outside and even propane where we can cook inside..oops did I say we, I meant Pat. Remember I don't cook. We have had friends over to explain how some of the appliance work, especially anything to do with gas. I know your saying to yourself, just read the manuals...anybody can do that, we just want our friends to feel wanted. Sure hope none of them read this...especially CARL

    Well,this was just to let you know we are still here and I'll try to write more often cause I've got alot to say. WELL, since you know WHAT HE SAID, see WHAT SHE SAID, if she gets around to saying anything at all.