Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Television and Indoor Plumbing "Are they overrated?"

Well, having spent a week-end sitting in the shade when possible and constantly running back and forth to the park bathroom/shower, we have decided to set priorities. Entertainment and the convenience of running water, along with potty privileges came to the top of the list.

Pat and I both watch alot of television and often wonder how we ever survived before TEVO. This is the time of year on HBO for TRUE BLOOD. Also being the end of the season and the end of the series of SAVING GRACE ,we are totally bummed. OOPS!!! I digress .

Our Airstream is a Vintage model, a nice way of saying it is old. Technology has really done a number on our camper. The old antenna is so outdated and parts can't be found. I mean you can't even use the old coaxial, because any television made in this century can't hook to it.

Pat located and ordered a new antenna, and now comes the installation problems. I am intimidated by putting holes in the roof, not knowing if the old holes will line up. Once again we are at the mercy of someone who has experience doing this sort of thing. OUR CASH COW MARCHES ON!! Our way of justifying these expenses is to use up birthdays, anniversaries, and now we are working on Christmas. At least we are still working with special occasion's for 2010.

Pat has figured the water situation out. We have added regulaters to the water hoses. NOTICE, I SAID HOSES. We bought A 25 ft. hose to run the water line at the parks, but got home and it was too short, and Pat said we needed a few more feet, so she got a 10 ft. hose,which when connected was so taunt, you had to step over it to get into the back yard. WELL, I had to get another hose to get a little slack. Instead of taking the small one back and exchanging for another 25 ft., I just bought another 10 ft. Works great, just hope no one notices. I wonder sometime how we ever managed to live as long as we have.

Next comes the advice of the proper technique of finishing your business in the bathroom, Do you flush paper? Do you bag paper to dispose it instead of flushing? Do you buy special toliet paper that is biodegradable? Do you use chemicals in the tank or not? Originally, the idea of the getaway was for relaxation. WAY TO MUCH THINKING!! We are planning another lake trip next weekend, so I should have some good comic relief for you soon. Until then HE SAID, see what SHE SAID !!!


Tomara Armstrong said...

hahahaha, Dad! You crack me up. You can always use another hose... get creative and make some sort of art piece out of the other one (if need be).

This Airstream business, sure seems like a lot of work. I can't wait until your a pro and schoolin' the n00bs.

Love you!

Tomara Armstrong said...
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Cathy Olliffe said...

After YEARS of tenting we finally broke down and bought a trailer last year. So exciting! No getting up in the middle of the night and walking half a mile just for a whiz! But now that we have one, my better half doesn't want me to use it because it's a pain to dump. What is the POINT? (So I sneak around to use it – wait till he's walked to the outhouse– I mean, eventually he finds out, but by then the damage is done!!!!)