Saturday, June 19, 2010

WAIT ! Have I already done that?

You know the more I mess with the camper and realize I don't know how to do this, my normal response would be to back off and let Pat deal with it. I have a certain comfort zone and very rarely do I wander out of it. My comfort zone contains only things or topics that I know absolutely everything about and can not be addressed with I told you so! These topics are football, baseball and just basically sports in general. However, Soccer and Sports are generally not used in the same sentence. I welcome any response, especially with the USA having tied their first two games. TIES JUST SUCK!

Back to the Airstream. I decided to level the Airstream yesterday, a process to actually level the refrigerator so you won't ruin it. After work on Fridays ,Pat and I generally eat out, rewarding ourselves for getting through another work week, the reward being Mexican food. On the drive home I decided the leveling need to be done, NOW. This wouldn't be a bad idea normally, however it was 100 degrees out and Pat wasn't exactly dressed to be working in the heat. But Pat, the trooper that she is after announcing her displeasure said what the HELL, better than an argument.

We had to hook up and raise the support legs, drive forward, then put LEGO BLOCKS underneath the tires. Sounds silly but I think they are really Giant Lego Knockoffs. This process went well and lasted only about 30 minutes. It also gave me an opportunity to try out my new drill, bought solely for the purpose of raising the support legs. I must say it was a complete success. I started putting everything away and realized that I had put the hitch pen in backwards and made it almost impossible to remove, especially since it needed a key. Oh well, I tell myself this is all a learning cycle. Pat's response was well we need to put that on the check list. Okay.

Well I could on and on, however I don't want to lose what following I already have, so I'll stop and just say, I'll do better next time. I may try writing after a couple of Margaretta's . This is what He Said, see what She Said.


Tomara Armstrong said...

I think everything is better with Margaritas!

I am excited you're posting regularly. You're getting better every time, and before too long, I am cutting you off :-P

Not saying I would willing sabotage you or anything...
Love you!

PS: Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy!

Cathy Olliffe said...

You had me at Mexican food.